NEW KIT - DJI Master Wheels

The Master Wheels contoller is an advanced professional wheel control system providing remote camera movement control for Ronin and Third-Party Gimbals



DJI Master Wheels


The Master Wheels controller is an advanced

professional wheel controller system that employs

high-precision sensors, advanced control algorithms,

and state-of-the-art product design to deliver precise and

butter-smooth remote camera movement control.


It may seem unusually in these days of touchscreen interfaces and remote controls to see a hand wheel based device like this being released but the moment they were announced, we placed our order. After a long wait we've just taken delivery of the first full production version into the UK and they've now made their way out to a long running Netflix drama who are using a Ronin 2 full time. 


Master Wheels on set of Netflix drama

Picture courtesy of DOP Phil Wood. Currently in production with Lime Pictures/Netflix.

The Master Wheels controller is an advanced professional wheel controller system that employs high-precision sensors, advanced control algorithms and state of the art product design to deliver accurate and silky smooth remote camera movement control when partnered with a Ronin or 3rd party gimbal rig.

The ability to now control Ronin or Movi systems to this level of precision opens up a whole new field of potential use for what are already very popular tools. Combined with additional stabilization tools where required (Black arm & Tranquilizer coming soon…) they now sit much closer to remote stabilised heads as a potentially more cost effective alternative but extremely effective way of moving the camera – think Cranes, Electric vehicles etc etc.

Master Wheels use ultra-high-resolution optical encoders to detect subtle movements and transmit them to a connected gimbal system that allows for incredibly accurate repeatability. The wheels themselves are a perfect balance of weight and design allowing for classic control with cutting-edge equipment. This provides every cinematographer with steady, precise operation resulting in organic natural camera movement on screen and ultimate control of camera movement.

The Master Wheels are a modular design; individual axis can be removed and tethered to the main controller for operation by additional crew – ideal for shoots involving vehicles, Russian Arms etc. The control module itself can also be removed and cable tethered giving more freedom in tight spaces and more options at distance.

DJI really have thought of everything here, there are plenty of power options from the Controller itself meaning one power source can provide for transmitters, monitors etc. There are also literally dozens of CNC milled ¼-20 & 3/8-16 taps for mounting monitors, video transmission systems and other accessories.

See below for DJI's Overview Tutorial on Youtube: