The Virtues; Wednesday 15th May @ 9pm

The long awaited new drama from Shane Meadows & Jack Thorne airs next week.



The Virtues – Warp Films

Director: Shane Meadows

DOP: Nick Gillespie

It has been a looong old wait but it really looks like it'll be worth it. Channel 4 have announced the first episode of Warp Films' The Virtues will be shown on Wednesday 15th May at 9pm. Considering production wrapped at the end of January 2018 that's quite a wait.. trailer below, can't wait to see this, Shane & Stephen Graham at their finest.


We very proudly provided the whole camera & grip package with production choosing - after a little tooing and froing of a few formats - to shoot on Arri Alexa Minis, Zeiss Superspeeds & Alura Zoom lenses. There were various other camera formats thrown in along the way, it wouldn't be a Shane Meadows shoot if there wasn't - Go Pros, VHS Camcorders etc etc - all handled most excellently by DOP Nick Gillespie, it looks to have helped make a stunningly unique piece of drama.

Nice article here with behind the scenes insight into the slightly unconventional production schedule and kit choice: 


And here's a recent article in which Shane talks openly about his very personal inspiration for the Virtues story and goes into more detail about the production.